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About Us

Near East University Experimental Health Sciences Research Center (DESAM)
Founded on 23.06.2015  under the Rectorate of the Near East University, the goals and values of the Experimental Health Sciences Research Center (DESAM) are based on creativity, universal, high quality, valid and reliable information, keeping human life and honor above everything, and principally aiming to to be a center that is dedicated to cooperating between national and international disciplines as well as adopting  institutionalism.

Mission & Vision
The mission of the center is to provide training on basic and experimental research areas to all researchers who are open to developments and innovations and intend to work and study in the field of health,

to provide the environment for the transfer of information on the development of high technology diagnosis and treatment systems by gaining competence in health fields, to ensure that the ethical rules are kept on top of everything while applications are carried on experimental animals and volunteers, and produce data at the highest quality.

Vision of the Center is to be a prestigious and competent center at international and national level where all kinds of research studies on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases in the field of health sciences are conducted to the highest quality.






Prof. Dr.

Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Tıp Fak., Lefkoşa



Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Tıp Fak. Pediatri AD, Lefkoşa


Prof. Dr.

CBÜ Tıp Fak. Histoloji ve Embriyoloji AD, Manisa


Prof. Dr.

Kocaeli Üni. Tıp Fak. Tıbbi Genetik AD, Kocaeli


Assoc. Prof. Dr.
M. Murat UNCU

Yakın Doğu Üniversitesi Tıp Fak., Lefkoşa

Administrative Organs of the Center;

  1. Director

  2. Asistant Director (s)

  3. Executive Board

  4. Advisory Board

The governing bodies of the center are determined by the Rectorate.

DESAM Executive Board

  1. Prof. Dr. Tamer ŞANLIDAĞ (President)

  2. Prof. Dr. Nerin BAHÇECİLER ÖNDER (Member)

  3. Prof. Dr. Seda VATANSEVER (Member)

  4. Prof. Dr. Murat SAYAN (Member)

  5. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat UNCU (Member)




1. Providing advanced research facilities which the departments of the university need and allow common use of the Centre.

2. Trying to remove the obstacles that may be encountered by the researchers.

3. Announcing the results of the research, helping to apply the results of the research, making implementation plans when necessary,

4. Providing services for solving technical, scientific and technical problems that the private sector, public institutions and organizations, academicians and researchers demand and carrying out the necessary analysis procedures.

5. Ensuring the establishment of national and international databases in the field of health and to take all necessary infrastructure (bioinformatics, hardware) – superstructure (institutional, access, sharing) measures for this purpose.

6. Organizing national and international scientific meetings such as conferences, courses, academies, schools, seminars, symposiums, congresses and certifications in the subjects of the Center’s field of study.

7. Cooperating, exchanging information, developing exchange programs with relevant public and private research institutions and centers in Turkey and abroad.

8. Carrying out studies for the training of the personnel who are in need of the services of the Center in the country and abroad, preparing prospective proposals for researchers coming from domestic and abroad for these purposes.



Activities and Presentations




1. Biotechnology unit; NEU3D Laboratories, Assist. Prof. Dr. Emil MAMMADOV

2. Research Laboratories Unit (ALBI) has infrastructure on stem cell, PCR and molecular genetic analysis. Genetic research is being conducted on stem cell, cancer, and variegation. This unit brings their work to the service of researchers, supervises the work, officially records and keeps it. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Eda BECER, Assist. Prof. Dr. Mahmut Çerkez ERGÖREN and 2 technicians (experienced in molecular / cell culture).

3. Biostatistics and Epidemiology Support Unit (CC); determines the appropriateness of sampling of projects to be prepared and statistical method, application and writing of the articles. Professor Dr. Şanda ÇALI

4. Project Unit (POBY); implementation of joint projects, provision of multi-partnerships, DESAM Executive Board

5. Article Editing Unit (MEBİ); The articles written in English are edited before they are sent to the magazines. Assist. Prof. Dr. Ferdiye TANER

6. Scientific Achievement Incentive and Award Unit (BITT); determines the to whom the scientific achievement awards, and young researcher awards will be given – determines awards for publications, projects, etc. Professor Dr. Tamer ŞANLIDAĞ, Prof. Dr. Nerin BAHÇECİLER ÖNDER

7. Continuing Education Unit (SEBI);plans, coordinates and organizes trainings, courses, workshops, seminars etc. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat UNCU

8. Student Unit (OPBI); It is the unit working for the undergraduate and graduate students studying in the field of health. This unit makes necessary coordination to guide students into research areas. Carries out meetings, projects, courses, workshops, seminars etc. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar SUSEVER



DESAM 2018 Bioinformatics Fall School: Applications in Molecular Basic and Clinical Sciences

DESAM 2018 Mustafa SOYLAK Conference: Nanotechnology and Some Applications in Chemistry

DESAM 2018 Student Project Writing Course in Health Care Field

DESAM 2016 Ceremony of Science Awards

DESAM 2015 Ceremony of Science Awards



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